I started out in life as an actual person but over time that became more and more impossible. Due to the lack of my talents and skills, deteriorating health and growing  awareness of the pending end of all life on earth because of the slippery slope we are all on, i became a fictional character in the world we call real. We all know that on average the morality is really low and we should all be more active in preserving the world and not in caring just for ourselves or our own, but since not a majority of the population is doing so and we do not have the powers to change that, i quit being an "artist".

This also has a lot to do with the bubble they usually live in, especially in small communities where they almost all stare at their belly-button telling each other they are doing great. It is better to stay all mellow like a marsh.

Some things real people could try:

be honest to yourself and do not be scared to critisize yourself, not just others

your interests are not always the best interests

talk with people,  not about them

do not be a sellout or an opportunist selling your principles just for money

be what you are, do not pretend (too much)

if you wear a moustache: wear it like you mean it


Wether in my head or on a medium, the images i make start out in my head. Sometimes it comes to an actual product, most of the time it stays a concept. Sometimes a concept improves over the years to get to a solid state, meaning it will end up something you can actually touch. In a exeptional instance these "products" can even be bought. More often they are separated from me without the transfer of any currency. However, it is sometimes possible to trade. No negotiations are in place here.

Try looking for a change, not just seeing. I have some tips:

  • Look up. Tilt your head and see what normally stays out of your sight.

  • Focus on things you oyherwise ignore.

  • Make a frame with your hands and imagine it being a cartoon.

  • Edit the picture in your head by adding elements.

  • Draw it out sometimes.

  • Don't be a dick, there are enough of them.

  • There is not always use for rational thinking.

  • Read and educate yourself.

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Imagine a real person and forget about that right away. I am like a cartoon character in real life.

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Not everything is for sale in this life, like my soul. But sometimes expensive is better then not for sale at all. As i don't need your approval, i do not need your money. Gifts are welcome and will be spent justly.